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Weightless Light


A small series based on a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and focusing on religious sites. The idea was to isolate these monoliths from their surroundings and earthly constraints, allowing them a sense of weightlessness. The are mirrored as if reflecting in a pool of water or maybe the sky, the eye is drawn to details and the layers of time and the human hand that created these structures.


" 'Trace' is a word used in mountaineering. It is used to denote alterations made by those who came before you. As climbers move through a mountain, they effect various changes. Paths change or disappear. They overlap each other like layers on a rock bed, their surface covered by the fog"

These monuments, like mountains shrouded in fog, intertwine brick and stone shielding as much within as they reveal to the devoted and curious alike.

Elevated from their surroundings, suspended in nothing and everything