Handmade edition of five books.


Each book consists of the following:

A double sided leporello with 8 'tipped on' prints, a front and back 'window' with another half 'tipped on' print underneath each.

A text printed on a 30-40gsm washi paper.

Two separate signed prints on Awagami Bunkoshi Select 70gsm.

All housed in a handmade machine sewn sleeve using Parchmarque white 100gsm paper with a small sewn tab, editioned and signed.


Each book contains a unique set of images, so in effect each book is unique.


When closed the book measures 

approximately 20 x 12.5cms and 73cms in length when opened fully, however each one varies due to the nature of the paper.

The sleeve measures 23.5 x 15cms.

The prints measure 17.5 x 10.5cms each.


Papers used for the book include a unique double layer paper from Mumbai, a thick German cotton paper and a very light washi paper.


The photographs were taken across several Winters in Beijing where the temperature would regularly hover around minus 15 degrees.

'Imperceptible' Book