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Happy Easter! Happy Blogging!

終於有機會趁呢個復活節假期開個Blog來記錄一下創作過程,同埋分享一下behind the scene等等。


這幅作品名為 ‘Pleasure’。是我最喜歡的其中一幅Linocut print。佢有齊了我最喜愛的香港經典美食 — 魚蛋,粉麵同奶茶!正如題目 ‘Pleasure’, 是一種味覺享受。我用了漫畫風格,框框同清簡的黑白線條,加上特意近境來明確捕捉這三個享受美食的畫面,希望可以帶出一種視覺震撼來感染觀眾。

Finally have the opportunity to take advantage of this Easter holiday to open a blog to record my creative process, share behind the scene and so on.

It's rare that the weather is so good, of course I should not miss the chance to take some photos for my work!

The work titled 'Pleasure'. It is one of my favorite Linocut prints. It has all my favorite Hong Kong classics - fish balls, noodles and milk tea! Just like the title 'Pleasure', it is a taste pleasure. I used the manga style, framing, clean and simple black and white lines, and I added a special close-up to clearly capture the three scenes of enjoying the food, hoping to bring out a visual impact to the audience.

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