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Find your Double Happiness

Photo by @junmittyphotography

The symbol guaranteed to bring joy

The symbol for Double Happiness is conspicuous within Chinese culture. Its purpose is to signify double the joy and happiness for newlyweds.


It can be found on cards, red letter envelopes, signs, ceramics and many more objects besides.

You can find this symbol interpreted into several of my products below.




The Double Happiness symbol has a personal connection for me, as I designed the neon sign (pictured above) for my own wedding. As a designer, I not only appreciate the meaning behind it, but as a graphic symbol it offers almost endless scope for interpretation and redesigning due to its simplicity and duality. With this in mind, I have created my own graphic version in the form of a set of coasters and a contrasting handmade version in the form of a linocut.

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