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5th Anniversary


'When starting Béi five years ago my goal was simple in a way, to do something for others.'

When starting Béi five years ago my goal was simple in a way, to do something for others. Yet, today I continue to revisit this simple concept and continue to discover new ways in which I can give back in my own way. 'Béi' in Cantonese means "to give" and with each new design, each new product I think about what I can give and what I can share with others of my culture.

To celebrate the five year anniversary of Béi, I have created a collection which pays homage to the ubiquitous 紅白藍 (Hung Baak Laam) or Red, White and Blue nylon canvas that can be seen throughout the streets of Hong Kong. This material embodies the spirit, strength and resilience of the Hong Kong people and is seen as a locally made material that carries the pride of Hong Kong people. It is both practical and extremely durable with uses spanning market stall coverings, bags, umbrellas, protective wrapping and many more besides.

Along with incorporating the instantly recognisable colours into this collection, I have also digitally recreated the woven look of the material. The collection consists of a Linocut print with the Cantonese characters for "Miss You Hong Kong" which reflects how myself and many others Hong Konger's can often feel. A set of coasters provides a message of positivity and encouragement, "I Love Hong Kong" as does a greeting card with the Cantonese characters for "Give it your all". Finally, I have created a Giclée print with the phrase "Cantonese is my Mother Tongue". While myself and other Hong Konger's have adapted to the UK life and language, there is still a strong desire to continue to use, preserve and teach our mother tongue of Cantonese.

It is my hope that this collection reflects my love and appreciation of this Hong Kong symbol while also remaining unique to my vision for Béi. Lastly, I would like to thank everybody who has supported Béi over the past five years and I hope yo continue to create and give back for many more years to come.